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Beautiful Abstract Photographs

Enhance your interior design with abstract photographs from Avida, LLC in Annapolis, Maryland. We take ordinary, everyday objects and show a different point of view to create a final piece that you're sure to love.

Abstract Photographs

Our team uses special lighting, microscopes, and cameras to capture interesting photos of paper or fibrous materials. The result is a photo filled with unusual circular patterns, interacting lines, and inviting textures.

For more information about our interesting abstract photographs, contact us in Annapolis, Maryland.

Pretty Explosive Coloful Rust Sky Swords
Pretty Explosive:
Beautiful streams of colorful patterns in a black sky resulted from a rocket exploding during a 4th of July celebration
Red Rust:
This 70 year old boat hull displays color and texture in the uneven and rusted surface.
Sky Swords:
An explosion yielded a sky full of swords and daggers.


Using a microscope, tissue paper, some color and a geometric figure yielded fascinating results.
Painted floor joists jut out of a building.

In Annapolis, but embracing the world.