Breathtaking, Artistic Our Environment Photographs

Transform any room with help from Avida, LLC in Annapolis, Maryland. We take artistic Environment photographs that bring the beauty of Mother Nature into your home or business. Our pictures are available in 8”x10” and special order sizes, so once you choose your favorite photo, you can select the perfect size.

Our Environment Photographs

Travel to new places without leaving your seat when you order our pictures. Each of our peaceful, beautiful snapshots transports the viewer into that frozen moment of time. We have emotional pictures, like our photo of a lonely pier and withered dock, which is a moving remnant of an industry that no longer exists.

We also have more peaceful photos, including one depicting a family at a water's edge, where they can see the reflection of a cherry tree in bloom. If you're interested in a scenic beach-scape, order our Hawaiian photo, which shows a bench sitting on the sandy beach with a mountain range in the distance and colorful flowers falling from the sky.

Lonely Pier(Lonely Pier: This deserted pier has not seen a docked boat in many years and seems to be reaching out to a modern boat at the end for the boat to dock on it. The pier exhibits lots of texture.)

The Bride
The Bride:
To me this photo is iconic of what it means to be a bride on her wedding day. This is her day and she deserves all the attention.

Attitude Models
I found these three one morning at about 2AM in the Georgetown section of Washington, D.C. I had to rush home to get my camera. Luckily they we're still around when I returned.

Cherry Blossom Peace
Cherry Blossom Peace
A small family enjoys the shade of a cherry blossom tree during a peaceful spring morning as they watch thier reflection in the water.

The Capital Building
The Capitol Building:
The Louisana State Capitol Building is quite striking on a spring morning.

Washington Monument Washington Monument:
One night after a snow the Washington Monument glowed bright against a dark blue sky with the Moon and Venus in concert.

Hawaiian Cove
Hawaiian Cove:
A quiet north shore cove is nestled between flat beach and a tall rugged mountain range.

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